Our Approch

Identifying problem is half solving it’, goes a saying. However it is not an easier aspect of the problem solving. Wall advertising has tremendous reach extending to millions of households with lower budget allocations as compared to other media. But this cheap media can turn quite expensive in monetary terms as well as cause lot of mental stress. With organized medium like KGN Publicity, companies can very well do without such tensions and concentrate on other demanding activities of sales promotion.

National Coverage With organized Manpower

The USP of KGN Publicity, is its national reach. Our team has traveled far and wide to study in-depth the markets of regions in India that have completely different issues from one another. Commonest of all impediments is the habitually disorganized rural manpower. Dealing with 100's of disorganized painters can be a humongous task.The professional working culture of our organization has no place for unfinished and shabbily painted ads executed by unskilled painters. We have cultivated acumen in dealing with the human resource, systematically grooming the unskilled painters into trained professionals. With an operational manager in every state we have placed an effective communication channel that has also lead to an established network.

Strategic Location Identification

At KGN Publicity we are conscious that display of ad on a wall can result in wastage of money and efforts if a chosen location is not precise. Remotest places have been researched under our Strategic Location Identification System. KGN Publicity has traveled to as many as 300 districts to decide a perfect area of the town/village that can draw maximum attention. Our aim is always to get the basic requirement of wall advertising. And that is maximum customers at minimum cost-input.

Web Based Checking Monitoring System

This proprietary program takes KGN Publicity to a new standard of customer service. As an Unmatched organization in the rural OOH, KGN Publicity has put in place an online checking and monitoring system. It allows our clients, to keep track of the campaigns by sitting in their respective offices. Latest pictures of work in progress are uploaded on our website on regular basis. This system, ensures not only complete accountability and transparency but also enables our clients to get a daily update of work at their desk. The online CMS, apart from providing site updates will help various managers to check, print and email work report with pictures. They can also redesign the on-going work, if necessary.

Brand Education

Most of the time painting on wall turns to be a futile exercise when a local painter/contractor gets the job done randomly without sensing the possible benefit of a location. Availability of a free wall is the only criteria for them. Certain brands demand special locations or avoiding of some locations. Under guidance of reputed professionals and experienced representatives of our clients, we conduct short courses for our painters to educate on brands. These painters become capable of using their own judgment to decide whether or not to include specific sites, keeping the utility angle in mind.